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Lowell in Minnesota

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36_Lowell has had his Dryer Master DM510 for three years. He uses it on his 4024 Grain Handler dryer, drying about 1 million bushels of corn per year.

How much training was required to operate the Dryer Master? 

A couple hours.

How does the Dryer Master change the way you dry? 

I can go do other work and not worry about the dryer adjustments.

35_Did anything surprise you about the Dryer Master? 

The simplicity.

Compared to manual sampling how much difference does having real time moisture information make? Why?

Big difference. We have a large wet bin and if we get a wetter variety in there the real time knows when to adjust.

How often do you calibrate your sensors? What is your calibration procedure?

Daily just to confirm. We test incoming and outgoing grain and do the calibration on the DM.

Do you use DM Mobile? If so, when/how do you use it? 

Yes we love to be able to see the dryer info remotely. We do make some adjustments from the mobile device.

Have you contacted the Dryer Master Support Centre? What was your experience? 

Great service.

Greg in Ontario

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Greg has been using Dryer Master since 1993, so that is a total of 25 years! In that time he has upgraded from his original DM150 model and added a second system. He now runs his a new DM510 on his Zimmerman VT2541 tower dryer and his older DM500 on his Farm Fans CMS-1000H. He typically dries about 1.4 million bushels a year of corn and occasionally soybeans.

How much training was required to operate the Dryer Master?

4-6 hours initially, then some followup when we upgraded models.

How often do you calibrate your sensors? 

Twice daily, unless there is a wide variation in wet test weight, then we check more often.

DMS_510_IMG_1661Have you contacted the Dryer Master Support Centre? What was your experience?

Yes, we upgraded one unit and replaced another.  TechSupp was excellent at preparing us for the switch over and correcting the minor problems that cropped up.

Is there anything you would like to see improved in the Dryer Master?

There are read outs for inlet grain temp, outlet grain temp, and plenum temp, but not for grain temp (in the column). We have to go outside to the dryer
panel to view this.

DM Comment: This could be an option in the future. For now we have tried to keep the operation and installation as simple as possible and only gather information that will be used in the control calculations. The grain temps from the moisture sensor are used in the moisture reading calculations and the plenum temp is monitored so that the the control model can be immediately updated if the dryer operator changes their drying temp. The grain column temp is not used in the control calculations so it would only be provided for informational purposes.

Chris in Illinois

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Chris has a Grain Handler 2416 dryer that he uses to dry about 500,000 bushels of White and Yellow Food Grade Corn. He has had his DM510 for 2 years now. His DM510 is conveniently located right next to where he does his manual moisture tests.

Why did you buy a Dryer Master in the first place?

We bought the DM510 to automate and remotely control our Grain Handler 2416.

How often do you typically calibrate your outlet moisture sensor? And what is your calibration procedure?

dryerpicDuring harvest we sample and calibrate every 1 to 1.5 hours.  We press the sample button, run it through our Perten tester three times, average the results, and enter the moisture into the DM510.

Do you use DM-Mobile? If so how do you use it (phone/PC/home/at night?), how often do you use it?

Yes, I monitor the dryer via an IPad while in the combine during the day and use my IPhone at home after work.  It is used all the time the dryer is running.

Dryer Master Experiences: Jon in Ontario

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Jon is relatively new to Dryer Master but he is great example of how moisture control is no longer just for big elevators, and how more and more it is making its way into smaller operations.

Jon has a DM510 system and has had it for 2 seasons now. He added it as a retrofit onto an MC dryer and dries about 300,000 bushels a year of corn and soybeans.

Why did youimage7 buy a Dryer Master in the first place?

We had been having issues with the original controller, the dryer had to be babysat 24/7. With just myself looking after the elevator during harvest it became very necessary to find a controller that I could trust so that I could get some sleep and be functional the next day.

How does the Dryer Master change the way that you dry, or help your drying operations from an operational perspective?

It has given me a lot more confidence in my drying system which allows me focus on other parts of the system which need my attention during the course of the day. Once its up and running I check the calibration once in the morning and once more before I head to the house for the night. With the Dryer Master running I just don’t stress about my dryer anymore.

Did anything surprise you about how your Dryer Master worked when you first used it?image11

I thought it would be more complicated to run than it is. I was completely comfortable running the system within just a couple of hours. The over the phone support is great, everybody at Dryer Master seems to know the system like the back of their hand.

What drying tips (if any) would you like to pass on to other dryer owners about how to get the most out of their dryer and/or their Dryer Master?

Give the system time to react if you make changes to the settings. 1-1.5 hours depending on how fast the dryer is running. Too many changes in a short period of time will have you frustrated and chasing your tail. Once the Dryer Master is up and running it takes very little interaction to keep it going. Let it work and find something else to fuss over.

Have you found a financial difference in your drying performance using Dryer Master? In what way?

The biggest financial gain for us would be the accuracy that it can discharge grain at the correct moisture. We have noticed that when shipping grain out, our bins are much more even top to bottom, with no wild swings in moisture. Over and under drying used to cost us every year, now its pretty much a non issue.image4

Do you use DM Mobile? If so how do you use it (phone/PC/home/at night?)

Yes, definitely. This is a huge benefit to my operation. I use it throughout the day from my Iphone, and also at night from my Ipad or Iphone. I can wake up a couple times through the night, see whats happening and get back to sleep. It has made the harvest season mush easier to get through. My days run much smoother because I’m not completely exhausted from being up all night with the dryer.