Month: February 2018

Mike in Michigan

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Mike works with two Dryer Master DM510s. with the first one having been purchased almost 20 years ago. Both DM510s run on ffi dryers. The site dries about 600,000 bushels of corn per year.

What convinced you to buy a Dryer Master in the first place?

We were convinced to buy one because our neighbors and the local co-op had one.

Compared to manual sampling how much difference does having real time moisture information make?

The real time samples are helpful to our operation by having the peace of mind to know the moisture of the corn going into the bin even when we’re not there. (Note: in the picture below, the outlet moisture sensor is mounted in a Dryer Master bypass chute with a rotary feed. Directly below the sensor is the green button used to start a moisture sensor calibration.)
image2 (9)

How much training was required to operate the Dryer Master?

It is fairly simple to operate. Not much training is required.

Have you contacted the Dryer Master Support Center? What was your experience?

We have contacted the support center. They have always been very helpful and timely in getting the Dryer Master running again.

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