Month: April 2017

Jared in Illinois

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image2-1Jared is a new Dryer Master user who added a Dryer Master to his Grain Handler dryer in 2016. He uses it to dry about 250,000 bushels of corn a year.

Did anything surprise you about how your Dryer Master worked when you first used it?

I was very pleased with the simplicity and how user friendly the DM510 was to learn and operate.

image3Do you use DM-Mobile? If so how do you use it (phone/PC/home/at night?), how often do you use it?

Since I’m in the field and not at our dryer, I use DM Mobile all day every day to continually monitor the dryer.  I also check DM-Mobile just before I go to bed and get text alerts if something goes wrong.   This feature is near real time with only a few seconds of latency.  It gives me peace of mind knowing the dryer is working properly when I’m away from our bin site.

image1-4Any other advice or comments you would like to pass on to someone?  

Don’t let the price of the DM 510 scare you away.  It’s definitely worth the investment because over or under dried grain can be very costly.  Also, Dryer Master’s customer support has exceeded my expectations!  They have been great to work with.