Joe in Ohio

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Joe has had a Dryer Master for 20 years. He started with a DM500 and recently updated to a DM510 model. His site dries about 500,000 bushels a year of corn and wheat and sometimes soybeans with their Zimmerman dryer. The first photo is of the outlet sensor installation.

Why did you buy a Dryer Master in the first place?
The Dryer Master allowed us to have an inlet sensor which helps with anticipating the speed of the dryer whether in automatic or manual. Before we were chasing and guessing but after it was installed it allowed us to be a lot more consistent in our drying.

How often do you typically calibrate your outlet moisture sensor? And what is your calibration procedure?

Depending on time, help and operator we usually calibrate it every hour to once or twice a day. The calibration process is so easy we have incorporated it into our dryer checks.

Do you use DM-Mobile? If so how do you use it (phone/PC/home/at night?), how often do you use it?

We do use the DM-Mobile, mostly though a PC but occasionally with a smartphone. Anytime we leave the dryer to go to another part of the plant it allows us to monitor the dryer. We found that the biggest help is it allows you to take your experienced guys and use them where they are needed but they can also work through and teach less experienced personnel and  while still keeping an eye on the dryer.

Any other advice or comments you would like to pass on to someone ?
The Dryer Master team does a great job providing service and technical support to their customers. It is reassuring knowing that during the middle of harvest you can call and troubleshoot a problem with a person who knows the product and cares.

Jared in Illinois

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image2-1Jared is a new Dryer Master user who added a Dryer Master to his Grain Handler dryer in 2016. He uses it to dry about 250,000 bushels of corn a year.

Did anything surprise you about how your Dryer Master worked when you first used it?

I was very pleased with the simplicity and how user friendly the DM510 was to learn and operate.

image3Do you use DM-Mobile? If so how do you use it (phone/PC/home/at night?), how often do you use it?

Since I’m in the field and not at our dryer, I use DM Mobile all day every day to continually monitor the dryer.  I also check DM-Mobile just before I go to bed and get text alerts if something goes wrong.   This feature is near real time with only a few seconds of latency.  It gives me peace of mind knowing the dryer is working properly when I’m away from our bin site.

image1-4Any other advice or comments you would like to pass on to someone?  

Don’t let the price of the DM 510 scare you away.  It’s definitely worth the investment because over or under dried grain can be very costly.  Also, Dryer Master’s customer support has exceeded my expectations!  They have been great to work with.

Kevin in Indiana

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Kevin has two Dryer Master DM510s. The first one he installed about 15 years ago. He then he bought a second one five years ago to go on his new dryer. Kevin’s two dryers are both Zimmerman towers (one is 2,000 bu. and the other 4,000 bu.).

Kevin recently updated his DM510s with DM Mobile, Dryer Master’s remote access application. (DM Mobile is standard on all new DM510s, but it can also be added onto older DM510s allowing owners to add the latest in remote access capabilities to their dryer at a reasonable cost).

What had you heard about Dryer Master before you purchased your first system?  

I talked to a guy who owned one and he told me that I would not want to dry another bushel without it.

Did anything surprise you about how your Dryer Master worked when you first used it?

I was surprised with how accurate the sensors are & how well they keep their calibration.

The sensors are also very durable, I had one sitting in rotten corn and water all summer and did not know it, cleaned it off and it still worked as it should.DryerMaster_SFF (3)

What drying tips (if any) would you like to pass on to other dryer owners about how to get the most out of their dryer and/or their Dryer Master?

We found that the Zimmerman dryer will make fairly large swings in moisture at first, 1.5 – 2 pts, but once it found its sweet spot it stayed on target.

Longer Runs = Better

How much difference does it make to have real time moisture information versus having to go out and take a sample?

It is a huge difference being able to walk in the office and know what my moisture is in real-time and be able to keep an eye on it while unloading trucks and all the other things that are going on.

It’s great knowing how accurate it is vs. taking a sample from say maybe 2 columns at best, whereas the sensor (through the printout) gives me summaries every 10 minutes from a much larger sample size, giving me not only more accurate information, but also more useful information, and it’s better than doing it myself.

Do you use DM-Mobile? If so how do you use it (phone/PC/home/at night?), how often do you use it?

Yes, on an iPhone and on a PC

All the time when it is running, I no longer have to make midnight runs to the dryer to check on it, I can check on it without having to get out of bed.


Dryer Master Experiences: Jon in Ontario

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Jon is relatively new to Dryer Master but he is great example of how moisture control is no longer just for big elevators, and how more and more it is making its way into smaller operations.

Jon has a DM510 system and has had it for 2 seasons now. He added it as a retrofit onto an MC dryer and dries about 300,000 bushels a year of corn and soybeans.

Why did youimage7 buy a Dryer Master in the first place?

We had been having issues with the original controller, the dryer had to be babysat 24/7. With just myself looking after the elevator during harvest it became very necessary to find a controller that I could trust so that I could get some sleep and be functional the next day.

How does the Dryer Master change the way that you dry, or help your drying operations from an operational perspective?

It has given me a lot more confidence in my drying system which allows me focus on other parts of the system which need my attention during the course of the day. Once its up and running I check the calibration once in the morning and once more before I head to the house for the night. With the Dryer Master running I just don’t stress about my dryer anymore.

Did anything surprise you about how your Dryer Master worked when you first used it?image11

I thought it would be more complicated to run than it is. I was completely comfortable running the system within just a couple of hours. The over the phone support is great, everybody at Dryer Master seems to know the system like the back of their hand.

What drying tips (if any) would you like to pass on to other dryer owners about how to get the most out of their dryer and/or their Dryer Master?

Give the system time to react if you make changes to the settings. 1-1.5 hours depending on how fast the dryer is running. Too many changes in a short period of time will have you frustrated and chasing your tail. Once the Dryer Master is up and running it takes very little interaction to keep it going. Let it work and find something else to fuss over.

Have you found a financial difference in your drying performance using Dryer Master? In what way?

The biggest financial gain for us would be the accuracy that it can discharge grain at the correct moisture. We have noticed that when shipping grain out, our bins are much more even top to bottom, with no wild swings in moisture. Over and under drying used to cost us every year, now its pretty much a non issue.image4

Do you use DM Mobile? If so how do you use it (phone/PC/home/at night?)

Yes, definitely. This is a huge benefit to my operation. I use it throughout the day from my Iphone, and also at night from my Ipad or Iphone. I can wake up a couple times through the night, see whats happening and get back to sleep. It has made the harvest season mush easier to get through. My days run much smoother because I’m not completely exhausted from being up all night with the dryer.

DM-Mobile from Dryer Master: Adding mobility and peace of mind to your drying season.

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DM-MobileDM-Mobile brings true real time remote moisture monitoring and drying control to the grain industry.

Now your moisture and drying information can be easily accessed through your web browser on your smart phone, tablet or PC. There is no app to run. Just open your browser and go to and log in to your Dryer Master DM510*

With DM-Mobile you can view real time moisture and drying information (including alarms) as well as up to 24 hours of historical data. You can also even make changes to moisture and rate set points all directly from your browser. Now you no longer always have to be close to the dryer to know what’s going on.

Why not try out DM-Mobile at (log in: demo, password: demo). If you are not yet familiar with the DM510 you might want to take a minute to read the help page for a quick run down of DM-Mobile’s features.

To help promote this valuable new feature Dryer Master is adding DM-Mobile as a standard component to its industry leading DM510 computerized drying control systems at no additional charge for 2014.

If you would like to learn more about the DM510 and how it can add profits and peace of mind to your next drying season why not check out our product page on our web site or one of our DM510 training videos on our YouTube channel, or even better give us a call at 1-888-318-0009 (toll free in North America) or at 1-519-725-4700.

* requires connection of DM510 to an internet enabled router