Grain Drying—Simplified

IMG_20141119_111527As an operator you know that your grain dryer dries faster or slower depending upon drying conditions. Outside air temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, time of day, the variety of the grain being dried, and of course, the moisture of the grain can all affect dryer operation.

To control the moisture of the grain they are drying, most operators take regular moisture samples from the grain leaving the dryer. This may happen every 15 minutes, every half-hour or hourly, or perhaps only a few times a day.

Based on the results of the moisture sample, the operator decides whether or not to make adjustments to the dryer discharge rate or metering roll speed. The operator may even wait for a second moisture sample to confirm a trend before making a change.

You know that grain drying is an important and expensive process but with changing drying conditions, differing incoming moistures, incomplete information and all the other time demands of harvest, it is definitely not an easy process to get right.

To help you simplify and take the guesswork out of drying your grain the Dryer Master DM510 computerized drying control system comes with 5 key advantages


  1. We begin with continuous real time online product moisture and temperature information from the inlet and the outlet to the dryer provided by Dryer Master’s field proven moisture sensors. Now you always know the moisture without having to take a sample first.
  2. The operator panel displays the key operating information and can be conveniently located so that the operator does not have to go to the dryer to make rate adjustments or monitor moistures.
  3. The DM510 uses the moisture information to build a model of how your dryer is drying. Then, as inlet moistures and drying conditions change throughout the day, the Dryer Master continuously calculates and automatically adjusts to use the best discharge rate for the current situation. This not only optimizes drying performance but also frees the operator from having to continually monitor and adjust the dryer discharge rate.
  4. The DM510 printer provides a hard copy record of the drying results. It gives 10 minute, hourly and daily summaries to aid with your record keeping.
  5. Using DM-Mobile, Dryer Master’s advanced remote access feature, you can now also monitor and make changes to your drying from your smartphone or computer, from wherever you are.

dm-mobile2015-screenDryer Master’s 5 key advantages combine to provide you with tangible bottom line benefits. These benefits come from helping you dry more grain closer to your target moisture. This translates into improved throughput, reduced shrink, and reduced energy usage, and of course freed up operator time.

Dryer Master systems are available as a built in option on new dryers from select grain dryer manufacturers or as an additional option on most new continuous flow grain dryers. DM510 systems can also be retrofitted on to most existing continuous flow grain dryers as an excellent way to upgrade your dryer.

Why not give us a call and talk to us about simplifying your drying.

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