Month: August 2012

How Happy Are You?

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As the premier maker and provider of online moisture sensors and moisture controllers for just about any dryer, we work with some of the biggest names in the grain elevator world. Most of the time, our customers have nothing but positive things to say about our products and customer service, but that is never the whole picture. Don’t get us wrong, it’s always nice to hear from satisfied customers.  That being said, it’s the people we haven’t heard from that interest us the most. Even if you don’t use Dryer Master products in your grain elevator, we are always curious about one issue in particular: are you happy with your dryer and/or moisture system? What about your particular systems could be better? How can we make your life easier, more efficient, and productive?

You see, there is no way for us to stay on the cutting edge of innovation unless we know what our current and future customers want, need, and expect. Our DM510 Dryer Master is a perfect example of how we’ve integrated customer feedback into our design process. The DM510’s ability to communicate with Windows-based PCs came about because Dryer Master was in tune with our customers’ 21st century needs. Nothing beats actually hearing directly from those who use products like ours day in and day out.

Therefore, if you rely on dryers and moisture sensors to make a living, we want to hear from you.  Drop us a line at and tell us everything you like and don’t like about your current system. Don’t worry, we’re not going to try to sell you anything, we just want to check the pulse of our industry!