Month: January 2018

Kenton in Illinois

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IMG_20171216_140641218_HDRKenton has had his Dryer Master DM510 for four years. He uses it on his Grain Handler dryer to dry about 250,000 bushels of corn a year.

What convinced you to buy a Dryer Master in the first place? 

What I first liked about the Dryer Master was that it has an input sensor as well as an output sensor so it can anticipate  changes.

How often do you calibrate your sensors?

I calibrate the input sensor twice a year and the output sensor about every 3 hours of drying time or when there is a bigger change  of input moisture or a hybrid change.  It seems like different hybrids do test differently.

Do you use DM Mobile? If so, when/how do you use it?

I used DM Mobile for the first full season this year and it gave me the confidence to be away from the dryer and do other things and still know what is going on.  It also alerted me to a problem that had arisen one evening after I had gone home.

Have you contacted the Dryer Master Support Centre? What was your experience?

Everyone at the support center has always been extremely helpful with any situation that I have had come up.