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Kevin in Indiana

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Kevin has two Dryer Master DM510s. The first one he installed about 15 years ago. He then he bought a second one five years ago to go on his new dryer. Kevin’s two dryers are both Zimmerman towers (one is 2,000 bu. and the other 4,000 bu.).

Kevin recently updated his DM510s with DM Mobile, Dryer Master’s remote access application. (DM Mobile is standard on all new DM510s, but it can also be added onto older DM510s allowing owners to add the latest in remote access capabilities to their dryer at a reasonable cost).

What had you heard about Dryer Master before you purchased your first system?  

I talked to a guy who owned one and he told me that I would not want to dry another bushel without it.

Did anything surprise you about how your Dryer Master worked when you first used it?

I was surprised with how accurate the sensors are & how well they keep their calibration.

The sensors are also very durable, I had one sitting in rotten corn and water all summer and did not know it, cleaned it off and it still worked as it should.DryerMaster_SFF (3)

What drying tips (if any) would you like to pass on to other dryer owners about how to get the most out of their dryer and/or their Dryer Master?

We found that the Zimmerman dryer will make fairly large swings in moisture at first, 1.5 – 2 pts, but once it found its sweet spot it stayed on target.

Longer Runs = Better

How much difference does it make to have real time moisture information versus having to go out and take a sample?

It is a huge difference being able to walk in the office and know what my moisture is in real-time and be able to keep an eye on it while unloading trucks and all the other things that are going on.

It’s great knowing how accurate it is vs. taking a sample from say maybe 2 columns at best, whereas the sensor (through the printout) gives me summaries every 10 minutes from a much larger sample size, giving me not only more accurate information, but also more useful information, and it’s better than doing it myself.

Do you use DM-Mobile? If so how do you use it (phone/PC/home/at night?), how often do you use it?

Yes, on an iPhone and on a PC

All the time when it is running, I no longer have to make midnight runs to the dryer to check on it, I can check on it without having to get out of bed.


Dryer Master Experiences: Myron in Illinois

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Myron has worked with Dryer Masters systems for over 10 years. He currently uses two DM510s on two Zimmerman 4500 tower dryers, typically drying around 4 million bushels of corn a year. In the first photo you have the DM510’s sitting side by side, along with the printers that Myron makes good use of. The bottom picture shows a slightly unusual sensor placement (the conduit runs to the back of the moisture sensor).

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How does the Dryer Master change the way that you dry, or help your drying operations from an operational perspective? 

We can generate a printout tape to evaluate the functions over night or during the day.  To monitor moisture ranges.

Did anything surprise you about how your Dryer Master worked when you first used it?

The ease of operation.

What drying tips (if any) would you like to pass on to other dryer owners about how to get the most out of their dryer and/or their Dryer Master?

During start up – give it plenty of time to learn and if possible they work the best if you don’t shut down, and run 24 – 7.

Have you f100_0642ound a financial difference in your drying performance using Dryer Master?

Yes, more consistent for moisture blending.

Dryer Master and the Perfect Cup of Coffee

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In an estimated 70 countries around the globe, coffee beans are grown and harvested on an industrial scale. If you walk around any city, you can see why coffee cultivation is such massive part of the global market. Human beings – from India to Argentina to your local café in Seattle – can’t seem to live without their cup of Joe in the morning.

Of course, the journey “from tree to Starbucks” isn’t as simple as it might seem. There are many different types of coffee beans and each of these demands its own specific roasting process to become useable and ultimately drinkable. There is a fine (and extremely expensive) line between a perfect roast and burning coffee beans beyond use. A proper roast will cause beans to glow red-hot and gently crack open, releasing their much beloved essence and flavor.

Each company has its own secret and highly-guarded roasting process. The big players in the coffee business have roasters that run 24/7/365 – all in the never-ending effort to meet the world’s insatiable demand for caffeine. In order to create this much product and maintain high levels of quality, coffee beans not only have to be perfectly roasted to the split second, but also must be maintained at an exact level of moisture.

This is where the experts at Dryer Master come into play.  Our moisture sensors and control technology can be fine-tuned to stop the roasting process on a continuous roaster at the perfect moment, all this by maintaining the ideal after quench moisture necessary to create the ideal coffee flavor.  We take the guesswork out of the process, so when you order or homebrew your favorite coffee, you know you will be getting the same, quality experience every time.