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Lowell in Minnesota

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36_Lowell has had his Dryer Master DM510 for three years. He uses it on his 4024 Grain Handler dryer, drying about 1 million bushels of corn per year.

How much training was required to operate the Dryer Master? 

A couple hours.

How does the Dryer Master change the way you dry? 

I can go do other work and not worry about the dryer adjustments.

35_Did anything surprise you about the Dryer Master? 

The simplicity.

Compared to manual sampling how much difference does having real time moisture information make? Why?

Big difference. We have a large wet bin and if we get a wetter variety in there the real time knows when to adjust.

How often do you calibrate your sensors? What is your calibration procedure?

Daily just to confirm. We test incoming and outgoing grain and do the calibration on the DM.

Do you use DM Mobile? If so, when/how do you use it? 

Yes we love to be able to see the dryer info remotely. We do make some adjustments from the mobile device.

Have you contacted the Dryer Master Support Centre? What was your experience? 

Great service.