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How Canada’s Agricultural Edge Is Securing a Strong Future

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Canada has the eleventh-largest economy in the world, which means its industries are wealthy and strong—but not without stiff competition from across the globe. While the country has major logging, oil, energy, forest, and mining industries, one undoubtedly sticks out among the rest: agriculture. In the past decade, Canada’s agricultural industry net worth increased by 78 percent, and many outlets credit global demand and innovation as to why the sector is seeing such great success.

Following the second-largest harvest on record in 2012, Canadian exports are driving revenues up for the long term. The global population is growing, which means demands on agriculture are nothing but a positive for Canada—especially as consumers lean toward high-quality, organic, and halal products found primarily in North America.

Canada’s gross output quadrupled in the past five decades because technology, consolidation, and management innovations propelled and expanded the industry. The current exports and imports of the country are valued at between $31 and $41 billion, and as long as the global reliance on the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector increases, there’s nothing but higher numbers in the future.

Dryer Master is a prime witness to Canada’s growth in the agricultural sector. Our headquarters are in Ontario, but our moisture measurement and control technology benefits companies in China and the Midwestern U.S. Since 1983, we have seen a steady growth in companies who need our technology to dry a range of products from coffee beans and grains to pet food and powders. Despite our customers’ rapidly changing technology and processes, our systems can adapt to whatever job they need completed, and we couldn’t be happier to assist the booming industry.