Dryer Master Experiences: Anthony in Ohio

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Anthony has 2 Dryer Master DM510 systems, the first of which he added in 2007. He runs them on his two Zimmerman dryers, drying about 1.5 million bushels/year of corn and soybeans. This year he will be adding the DM Mobile remote access functionality so that he can check on his dryers at any time from anywhere.

Why did you buy a Dryer Master in the first place?

We purchased DM because any of the factory controls we had tried just did not work. We spoke to a neighbor that was running a DM at the time and they were completely  satisfied.  The DM was money well spent and I would not run without.


How does the Dryer Master change the way that you dry, or help your drying operations from an operational perspective?

The DM allows me to be more available during harvest season.  I do not have to babysit the dryers all day and night.  I just have much more confidence in the DM sensors and don’t feel I have to check constantly.

How often do you calibrate the moisture sensors?


I try and calibrate every chance I get.  It seems once the dryers have been running a while  I have to calibrate less often.  I try to check it every couple hours.

And what is your calibration procedure?

My sampling procedure is this, for the input sensor I take several samples from the leg that is feeding the dryer.  I average the moistures and wait about 12 min and start the calibration on the DM.

For the output sensor I hit the green button and take small samples the entire time the light is flashing (30 seconds).  I run that sample through the tester about 3 or 4 times and enter in the average moisture.

IMG_3338You run two dryers. How do you allocate product between the dryers?

Normally for the first half of harvest one dryer is drying corn and the other soybeans.  When I have them both in corn If we are harvesting inconsistent moistures I try to keep one drying higher moisture and one in the lower.  We then unload both dryers into the same bin to get some blending between both of them.

Have you found a financial difference in your drying performance using Dryer Master? In what way?

The DM system has saved us time and money.  I have consistent moistures coming out of the bin, we are not over drying like we did with previous controls, and the system is user friendly.

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