The NECO Dryer Master DM510

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neco2-smalWe are thrilled to have NECO grain dryers now offering a NECO branded Dryer Master DM510 to its existing grain dryer customers.  This is an excellent example of the continued growing acceptance of Dryer Master’s industry leading computerized grain drying control systems.

NECO, based in Omaha, NE, and a division of Global Industries, has been offering an integrated version of the DM510 on its new dryers for the past several years, and now will also be offering, through its dealers, a drying control upgrade package to customers with its older grain dryers.

Today, more and more dryer owners are looking to be able to monitor their drying without having to be physically at the dryer. But, to get this functionality on an older dryer usually requires an expensive upgrade of the dryer controls.

dm-mobile2015-screenNow, the NECO upgrade package offers customers a cost effective path to being able to view real time continuous moisture and drying information and to make control adjustments to their drying using their smart phone (internet connection required at the DM510 panel), tablet or PC, through a standard web browser interface.

If you have an older NECO dryer and would like to add drying control and remote access, contact your local NECO dryer dealer for more information. For owners of older grain dryers by other manufacturers you can contact us directly at 1-800-265-2757 to find out more about how you too can upgrade your dryer.

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