Recognizing the Threat of Global Water Stress

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Since humans first walked the Earth, finding potable water has been the key to survival. Enough water you live, not enough you perish; period, end of sentence.

Even in these modern times, even with new and breath taking technological advances occurring almost hourly, we still are still fighting (sometimes literally) for water. Major research organizations forecast that by 2030, global water requirement may outstrip sustainable use by 40%, almost 50% of the world’s population will be living under severe water stress, and 1 in 5 developing countries will face water shortages. Countries like Australia are facing a future where a complete depletion of aquifers will make a large portion of their country unlivable.

These numbers are staggering and it is more than just finding enough to drink. As the population explodes and moves into major metropolises, the demand for food and water will become overwhelming. Moreover, it is not just about feeding larger populations; it is also a case of the urbanized developing more complex food needs. Just moving from a grain based to a meat-based diet is incredibly water intensive. In fact, this shift requires 10X as much water per kilogram to produce.
Governments and farmers must come together to create a comprehensive grain growth plan that accounts for among other things, geography, weather, water constraints, and regional economic factors.

One was to help, is through proper control of irrigation. This is so important because a great deal of irrigation water is wasted to evaporation.  For example, if you run an industrial irrigator during a sunny day, you automatically lose about 1/2 of the water to direct evaporation.  This eventually leads to mineralization of the soil making the area unusable.   Not running irrigators at inopportune times and doing something as simple as installing proper soil-moisture sensors could raise agricultural water efficiency by 10-15% by reducing waste in irrigation systems.

The entire idea of global water stress may seem overwhelming and it is clear that there are no quick fixes, but at Dryer Master, we believe that if we start making the effort now, future generations will be able to survive and thrive.

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