Northeast China Plain and Dryer Master

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Most of our readers have heard about or maybe even live in North America’s “Breadbasket” region. This fertile area covers a wide swath of both the United States and Canada. From North Texas and Oklahoma, through Iowa and Kansas, running all the way up to Northern Ontario and Southern Saskatchewan, the “breadbasket” has some of the world’s most amazing farmland.  The U.S. alone is projected to have a total grain output of 323 million metric tons for 2011-12."Breadbasket" However, a lot of people in the west aren’t aware of the ever-increasing impact of another grain-growing superstar, the Northeast China Plain. This massive plain covers an area of about 135,000 square miles (that’s about the size of Montana) and has an elevation of lower than 1000 feet above sea level.  This extremely fertile land will contribute heavily to China’s projected 2011-12 grain production of almost 198 metric tons.  Of course, when you have to feed almost 20% of the world’s population (1.3 billion people) it helps to have your own breadbasket.

No matter where grain is produced, Dryer Master is there to make sure it can be stored and monitored correctly.  While we have an impressive presence in our own region, we also play a giant role in China. We have a significant sales force in China, based in cities like Harbin, the heart and key political and economic hub of the Northeast China Plain.  Harbin has some of the most nutrient rich soil in all of China, if not the world, so Dryer Master is there to make sure that nothing grown goes to waste and is monitored with a wide variety of our amazing products, including our industry leading DM510 control system.

If you want to learn more about our services and our involvement in the dynamic Northeast China Plain region you can always call us or send us an inquiry via email.

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