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Grains of Different Moistures: Our Sweet Spot!

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This summer’s unpredictable American weather has been front-page news across the globe. 55% of American counties have been declared “disaster areas” on account of the dry spell. The Mississippi River is at its lowest point since the late 1980s. Grain and corn prices are as high as they have been in quite a long time. So now, more than ever, it is critical for farmers to store these costly commodities properly.  When it comes to managing grains of different moistures using only one system, Dryer Master is an industry leader. It’s where we absolutely lead the pack.

Though this summer saw unprecedented drought and heat, there have been summers where the opposite is true. In fact a couple of years back, it was too wet and too cool throughout the Midwest, creating the other sort of problem that our technology – when used correctly – truly shines at. Due to the irregular weather of that particular year, the corn’s moisture was still at 30%. As we have mentioned before, corn needs to be at 15% to be harvestable. When you have a summer with no warmth, corn doesn’t mature properly. When it does mature in August, it needs to dry in the field so it needs heat. It was so bad that a number of facilities would only receive corn and grain shipments on alternate days or a few days a week in order to catch up. At the time, we jumped in and provided many multinational companies with a number of our drying products, including our innovative DM510 Dryer Master.

This summer – in comparison – has mostly been hot and dry, so it is just as important for our friends in the fields to keep a close eye on the moisture of their grain and corn. And just like we were there for the cool and wet summers, you can bet that Dryer Master’s innovative products are out in force this harvest season, keeping North America’s grain and corn supply under close scrutiny.